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Case study


UX/UI Design



March 2022
June 2022

Scope of work

Responsive e-commerce website


Team of 2


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About the company

Mobi.concept is a project that targets homeowners, young workers and students in order to allow them to acquire design and multifunctional furniture with a greatly reduced budget thanks to their rental system.

About the project

The goal was to design a responsive e-commerce website to attract targets and convert them quickly that the MobiConcept solution was optimal for them, their budget and their apartment.


The main problem was to retain the maximum number of users so that they could discover the concept, the sustainable commitments and the products. Also, the user should not abandon the project when he saw that a rental contract had to be signed.


The user had to know at all times where he was in the conversion path and how many steps it took to order a product. So we created a 4-step process.



UX research

First, we conducted a user search and a secondary search. We launched questionnaires, wrote interview guides and conducted user interviews. We analyzed them in order to get user insights, brakes, needs and create experience map. 



Then after creating lo-fi and hi-fi wireframes to define a first structure of elements and iterate on it, we created user flows to define user paths.


UI Kit

We created a UI kit to save time later and harmonize all the interfaces of Mobi.Concept since they talked to us about creating a mobile application later.


Mockups & User Tests

Finally, we created mockups in Figma for desktop and mobile and created prototypes to test them with users in previously defined scenarios. We did this in physics and under the Maze platform. We then made some changes after analysis of these user tests.

UX research


UI Kit

Mockups & User tests

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