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Case study

Grease Selector

UX/UI Design



February 2022
May 2022

Scope of work

Responsive business application


With Danil, Lead UX/UI Designer


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About the company

TotalEnergies Lubrifiants is a world leader in the production and distribution of lubricants, with 41 production sites around the world and more than 5,800 employees in 150 countries.They offer innovative, high-performance products and services that comply with the most stringent approvals and standards. Their lubricants are developed at their R&D center, located in France, which employs more than 130 researchers.

About the project

This project consists in comparing or looking for a particular grease in order to verify the characteristics and compatibility between several greases, the advantages of one or the other.


There are two distinct paths, the selection path for one fat and the comparison path for several fats. The user must not be lost between these two and must look for what he finds as quickly as possible with a screen that summarizes all the necessary information and especially well readable.


The main point of attention was that the user quickly finds the product(s) he is looking for. So we thought of a product catalog with the possibility to filter as the user wishes. In addition, the comparison page or summary of the characteristics of a product had to be clear and precise. So we have a graph highlighting the advantages of a grease compared to another and a summary table.




Danil created the wireframes according to the functionalities and contents expected during the briefs of the product owners.



After that, I created the mockups with an adaptation according to the business feedback of the product owners. This was done in design sprint that grouped several features each.



Then I made a prototype of the mockups in order to present them to the business people, to make them more realistic, faithful and attractive for them and to realize the interactions and micro interactions for the developers.


Operationnal acceptance

After each sprint, an operational acceptance was carried out with the product owners and developers to inform them of the shortcomings and the modifications to be made.


Mockups Desktop

Mockups Mobile

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