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Case study

C'est moi le chef !

UX/UI Design



April 2022
May 2022

Scope of work

Mobile app




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About the company

This project is a school project in my UX Design course. The company c'est moi le chef proposes an application that allows amateur cooks to invite strangers to taste their cooking and conversely, people can eat at amateur chefs' homes their local cuisine or other.

About the project

The project aims to highlight amateur and passionate cooks to share their culinary world and put them in touch with people interested in their cuisine and their personality.


The main point of attention is that the application must succeed in bringing together the two stakeholders of the project, the amateur chef and the guests. They must not have the same path, the same information and their priorities are inevitably different.


The application must offer two distinct and well thought out user paths to avoid losing users. The ephemeral restaurants' files must be concise, clear and must give all the necessary information to future diners to make them want to eat. Moreover, the booking process must give confidence to the guests in order to remove any obstacle that might appear. On the other hand, amateur chefs must be able to easily put a menu online, know who has booked, on what date, at what time at a glance.



User Flows

After thinking about the project, the different users, I made user flows to create easy to use paths for the chefs and the guests so that they take pleasure in using the application.


Sketching & Wireframes

Afterwards, I made a sketch to have a first base of screens to realize the possibilities. After this, wireframes were made with a higher fidelity to be even more precise on the user path and the components used.



After the wireframes, the mockups were made with a precise graphic charter, realistic photos to give desire to the users and components pleasant to use and affordants and intuitive user paths.


Prototype & User test

Afterwards, I made a prototype of the application with the interactions and micro interactions always with the aim of making the users want to use the application. User testing was done to iterate on the mockups to remove some of the obstacles that the tests revealed.

User flows

Sketching & Wireframes



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